Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Your call cannot be connected as dialed

I've had London-based designer Rachel Freire's site in my bookmark bar for the past few days since seeing a few of her new pieces on OutsaPop. I had also immediately emailed to get the full new lookbook to post for your viewing pleasure, but received only a busy signal. So thanks to Queen Michelle for letting me know that all the images from the A/W 10 collection are now posted on Rachel's site, where I can now pine after these pants. I discovered long ago that my dream pair of pants would have some form of those wrap around hip panels. Also, it seems I've found plenty of pants to quench my perfect trouser thirst, and yet none have yet fallen into my lap, so to speak. So these shall join the list of pants my legs shall never go through. Sigh.

 I also gasped when I saw this crystal headpiece/mask. I would seek out a masked ball just so I could wear this out. It reminds me of MirrorMask and Ever After. And I love the ruffled and zippered bodysuit/shorts/what have you. That's my version of the perfect something to dance around the house and eat delicious cookies and cream soy ice cream in.

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