Friday, March 5, 2010

Alexandra Groover, A/W 10

Well, it seems I dropped the ball on this one. I've been sitting on Alexandra Groover's A/W 10 lookbook for the past couple days after she so thoughtfully emailed it to me along with some info I'd been waiting for in regards to a future purchase. I did not want to assume that it was free for the posting, as she hadn't even uploaded it onto her website. But my daily reading of Queen Michelle's post today has informed me otherwise. So, Miss Fashion Soulmate, I do sincerely apologize for being so late on a well-deserved post, especially as this collection is simply wonderful. Black jersey with strings to make the pieces ultra-convertible?!! Sigh. Also, I must say that this dress (above) is perhaps the most perfect long black dress in existence. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the inky photos of it. Again, sigh. I am forever captured by this lady's noir designs. She is indeed a genius when it comes to hooded things. I'd love to get tied up in the pieces below as well.

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