Monday, June 27, 2011

66 Allen Street

Goodness, where to begin. As I'm sure you've gathered from the frequency of my trips to New York, I am truly in love and addicted to that small area of Earth where it seems like anything can happen. This third trip was, at first, a last ditch effort to retain what little bit of sanity I still had. But, a mere two days before I left, my situation changed for the good, and I was given the go ahead to enjoy my trip to NY as it should be enjoyed. And that I did.

And so. While I'm still trying to process everything, particularly seeing the McQueen exhibit (twice) and hearing my favorite author read a chapter of my favorite book (and say many other wonderful sounding words) in person, one of the absolute highlights of the short week was going to the gorgeous studio occupied by Verlaine and meeting the very charming people behind that label (not to mention getting an exclusive preview of their upcoming collection). Truly, Verlaine is the type of label that this blog exists for, and I would have no trouble writing umpteen posts a day if I lived in a magical world where I could continuously discover designers with fantastic aesthetic sensibilities and charming personalities. Sigh. Anyway, somehow the universe deemed it fit to reward me for all that I've put up with for the last eight months, and I walked away from the Verlaine studio with this 100% silk kaftan from their S/S 11 collection. As I've already promised a photo to Verlaine's founder of the Greek goddess/split maxi dress way I decided to style it (and a play date with a dear friend to come up with other styling options), I'm sure you'll see this again at some point. But, for now, I'm still stuck on how I came to be such a lucky girl to even see this stuff in person. Sigh.

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