Monday, June 13, 2011

R.I.P., Garneau

Last night we paid our respects to an iconic establishment in our neighbourhood, the Garneau Theatre. Built in 1940, this art deco style building was one of three remaining independent movie theatres in Edmonton, but is now being shut down in two weeks for being unable to afford their rent. It is being replaced by one of the now two remaining independent movie theatres left, so I'm hoping it it doesn't change much in looks, especially as it was apparently designated as a municipal historic resource in 2009. It definitely won't be the same though, as the indie films the Garneau got in were much more up my alley than those that the replacing theatre runs, and I'm sure I'll no longer get to see the top secret exchange of movie reel canisters in the wee small hours of the morning whilst walking to work. I was also rather partial to the extremely friendly (and sweaty) manager who always told me that my requested movie snack at the concession stand was 'an excellent choice'. Sigh. I'm just happy its run ended with a brilliant movie, Midnight in Paris. I highly suggest that you watch it (even if you aren't a Woody Allen fan), as it's the perfect summer movie.  Especially with a cup of peach juice and a pack of Nibs - an excellent choice, indeed.

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