Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dack and Cover

Bringing me out of my bored-with-fashion phase for at least a brief moment is London-based designer Manuela Dack, specifically with her S/S 11 jacket (which was also a part of her graduate collection). I believe that the main part of it is leather, and so I'd obviously prefer a heavy canvas or waxed cotton instead. What I love about it though is the very unexpected juxtaposition of the pleated chiffon with the heavy material and zippers normally found in a biker jacket. I've always like the look of the stylized biker jacket (i.e. one found in a boutique and not on an actual biker), but I know myself well enough to have never even tried one on. However, if given the opportunity to get a leather-free Manuela Dack version... Anyway, I found Manuela via Fashion156, but apparently she's been all over Style Bubble as far back as July of last year. So now I'm wondering what that says about my (changing) fashion sensibilities and/or my state of mind. Perhaps I should rethink my whole never-getting-my-driver's-license-thing and start shopping around for a motorcycle, or at least the more chiffon friendly Vespa. Or, maybe I should actually pay attention to the blogs that I supposedly 'read'...

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