Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Steel Cut Dress

I have a sudden desire to a) find/write a book about the history of the comma, and b) roll down a hill, particularly in this metal-infused silk dress by ArtLab

Yes, I do already have a similar ArtLab dress, but I would prefer to roll down a hill in the nighttime (in part due to my recent obsession with Jamie Coon and this song), and, with Wednesday being my city's cycling club ride night of choice, I would need some form of reflective material in my clothing so that I don't end up like that unfortunate pigeon in the middle of the road. It would also be fun to see what kind of shape the dress would end up in after being formed by a spiraled decent.

P.S. To those of you wondering, my mydearthing Steel Sighlens T may or may not have maple brown beans all down its front, the addition of which I believe would impede the rolling and/or reflective power of the tee.

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