Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Tee Find of...Ever

So I was excited to see complexgeometries' Facebook status about a secret 72-hour sale, hoping that my favorite, the wave t, would be included in said sale (it is not). However, today's package (as Canada Post has not yet gone on strike) has made me pretty much forget all about the wave t. For I have in my hands (well, on my torso) the very best garment to ever be included in the 't-shirt' category. To state it is clearly as possible, the mydearthing Steel Sighlens T is the greatest tee you could ever hope to own. The fabric, made of cotton-wrapped steel yarn, is simply incredible, somehow (i.e. probably magically) merging chainmail with a light breezy jersey to form a slightly structured shape. As for the design, the neckline is perfect, the drop sleeves (i.e. no normal sleeve seam) make a basic even easier to wear, and the sheerness means this piece is great for any season with all its layering potential. For the warmer weather, I highly suggest a sheer oversized tank with some hell's windows underneath, or the very essential mydearthing Y Back Tank. Lauren only has a very limited amount of this fabric, so don't say I didn't warn you...

P.S. If the tee is currently 'sold' on Etsy, it's only because I just bought another one (selfish, I know). Please allow Lauren a few more hours to wake up and relist it.

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