Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Et tulle, Brooke Shaden?*

I don't often pay attention to photographers, as I'm a greater fan of the lookbook style of fashion pictures that clearly showcases how a piece of clothing looks on a body, rather than the editorial style that showcases the body and surroundings with a little bit of clothing in the mix. A post on Fashion156 today, however, made me look through every single photo in the gallery of LA-based photographer Brooke Shaden. Brooke's work is instantly eye-catching from the square format and almost painting-like style, to the ethereal worlds created by the (often underwater) settings, clothing, beautiful models, and dark mood. If I had a label that included flowy, billowy pieces, Brooke is definitely the photographer I'd want for an editorial photo shoot. Having said that, the photo I've picked here (and please do yourself a favor and look through each and every one of them on Brooke's site) doesn't showcase billowy clothing, but rather a) what I'd do on a day off (or every day) if I lived in the middle of a deserted wood (it may be of use to you to know that I often imitated Jodie Foster's Nell when I was younger), and b) the article of clothing I've been strangely drawn to for quite some time but have never purchased, being the tulle skirt. Especially with my style changing to a more pared-down minimalist look lately, I can't picture where I could wear a tulle skirt (other than a deserted wood). However, I will likely continue to want one, partially thanks to the fact that I would want to be a ballerina in another life, and partially thanks to Carrie Bradshaw. At any rate, I think this black sheer number by Peeko Apparel would fit more easily into my wardrobe than a full-out tulle skirt, if only as a layer over top of, say, my beloved mydearthing Panel Skirt...

Anyway, back to Brooke. Brooke just had her first fashion shoot (which completely surprises me) with Etsyian Pooka Queen. The resulting photos are not yet up in the Pooka Queen shop, but the upcycled/recycled shrugs and avant garde headpieces deserve a look. I personally want to buy this amazing chain and epaulette piece (the designer behind Pooka Queen has a BFA in metal smithing and jewelry). Wouldn't it look perfect with a tulle skirt?

And, back to Brooke again, because I love this photo. 

If you want to see some more of Brooke's work and read some behind-the-scenes thoughts (as well as info about her photography workshops), do visit her blog. It's pretty great.

*My goodness, I'm a nerd. 

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