Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mourning Weeds

Today is moving at this extremely slow dream-like pace, beginning with an early morning appointment that became an afternoon one, due to someone deciding that I needed to sit down and relax with an earl grey tea and some macarons before being told I'm healing well. Then I saw two of my former bosses while making the long journey to the wrong post office to pick up what may be my last package before the impending postal strike. The 4-hour journey finally ended with me once again being surprised at the scent of the sea in the (very landlocked) air, which is the pleasant effect of an unexplained mountain of used and blackened lumber a block away from my front door. It all makes me think that it's a good day to buy two black calla lilies to accompany me on a walk through the woods to look for something that isn't there.

(Photos of the 2009 'Mourning Weeds' collection from Cunnington & Sanderson, the British label of design duo Matthew Cunnington and John Sanderson, found via NJAL.) 

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