Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vicky Dubois

One of my most favorite pieces of clothing is my grey complexgeometries Wave T. Even after many washings, some seam twisting, and a small unexplained hole, I wear this at least once a week as the 30% wool/70% tencel (and very slightly sheer) fabric is absolutely perfect for both draping and comfy wear. And so, it's no surprise that this Montreal-based designer's lovely Etsy listings caught my eye. Not only does Vicky Dubois' seem to love the same fabric I do, but she has also worked with complexgeometries' Clayton Evans, which would explain her lovely aesthetic. My only hope is that Vicky creates more pieces in the future for warmer weather, or at least a slightly chilly spring morning or not-as-cold-as-I expected Thor viewing, like this crinkled cotton scarf...

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