Monday, May 30, 2011


In true Edmontonian fashion, we've pretty much skipped spring and gone straight to summer. Even yesterday's grocery trip is evidence for this, as I came home with lemon yogurt, mixed greens, mango salad dressing, sliced peaches, lemon iced tea, french toast (i.e. cinnamon) bagels, whipped cream cheese spread, and chardonnay wine spritzers. And if that doesn't say 'summer' loudly enough, my new musical obsession surely does. I had never heard of Jamie Woon before being introduced by a kOs reader's blog, and now I can't stop listening to him. I've always been fascinated by musicians who use machines (for lack of the technical name) in their live performances to record themselves and then loop that recording to provide their own back-up (Riley Armstrong and Kelly Scarr come to mind for using this technique, though all three are in completely different genres). And Jamie has an incredible voice to boot. Truly relaxing tunes just in time for a lazy night on the couch after a lazy afternoon on the balcony.

In other news, it seems as though I've just talked myself into editing another Master's thesis. It shall be a wonderful summer.

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