Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nonalignment Pact

Ugh. I'll be the first to admit that it makes me cranky to blog when I don't want to. But even more so when I can't blog when I do want to. I.e. I've rediscovered for the umpteenth time that my body is not made for shift work. Unless of course it is, and I just missed the lesson in history class about how our hunter-gather ancestors used both methods of food procurement because they were on a biweekly rotation. Anyway, the increased crankiness has diverted most of my available energy to trying to justify a spur of the moment (and yet long thought about) trip to NY centered around one particular event. I've silently judged people in the lunchroom who think the sole reason for going to NY is to go shopping, and yet I can't help but think I absolutely need to go to NY before the end of July to go to the Alexander McQueen exhibit, even if that's the only thing I do between landing and taking off again. The rest of my energy is devoted to trying to justify buying the Cinema Tea Gown from Alexandra Grecco. Doesn't help that I've been staring at this gorgeous piece by Paris-based Dutch designer Steffie Christiaens on the Layers blog for the better part of the evening. Speaking of, a shopping trip to London sounds fantastic right about now... Sigh.

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