Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hardly Wait

This photo quite succinctly sums up my general mood in the last few days. I'm waiting, for what I don't exactly know, but I'm prepared for it and ready to leave this uncomfortable perch the moment I get the go ahead. It also makes me think of the Met somehow, and thus makes me hope against hope that I can get back to NY in time to catch the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit. My call display does say that someone named 'New York' called while I was at work, so perhaps that's the go ahead I need...

(Photo taken by Sia Kermani of a S/S 11 piece by Georgian-born designer George Bezanishvili, who I believe is the same George Bezanishvili behind this incredible pleated dress.)

P.S. Make sure you've watched this video (sorry I can't embed it) on the Met exhibit, especially if you're unable to see it in person.

P.P.S. Any NJAL links on my page won't be working today, as NJAL is relaunching their website tomorrow in honour of their 3rd birthday. I find it slightly odd that the new layout will have a navigation system that consists of tabs along the top, rather than a left-hand side menu, as I learned (from the rather dull graduate paper I edited) on the weekend that this is an outdated way of designing a website. I guess I'll see if I feel I'm stuck back in the 90s when I visit the new site tomorrow.

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