Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Perfect Match

mydearthing Steel Spine Tunic + Gravis waxed canvas shoes (yes! you can get waxed shoes!)

I never really liked the look of this style of shoe until I saw a pair on Lauren of mydearthing. Actually, the very pair you see her wearing the above picture. Now with trip #3 to NY looming and both pairs of my trusty Chucks falling apart simultaneously, I needed to go on an emergency shoe buying trip to Gravity Pope in order find a comfy everyday pair that wouldn't take more than a couple wears to wear in, and that didn't contain any leather. I was very happy to find these laced Gravis shoes (worn with the laces tied on top of the tongue in a bow, not hidden inside), which were instantly comfy, not too pricey, and are made of my second favorite fabric (the first being tencel). And they have finally solved the question of what shoes to wear with my boyfriend jeans other than flipflops. My very metal mydearthing tank tops the outfit off just right, making me wish I had the evening off to enjoy the pairing. Sigh.

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