Friday, June 10, 2011

Resort to not resort*

Am I the only one that slightly cringes inside when I see the words 'Resort Collection'? I don't buy that there's a specific time of the year when we're all taking off from our real lives to hang out at various resorts, and I definitely don't buy that I need to buy a specific wardrobe in the event that I can leave my real life to hang out at a resort. I mean, what about the whole northern versus southern hemisphere thing? And what about the whole not being able to afford to go to a resort regardless of the season thing? These apparently necessary collections all look the same to me anyway: maxi dresses, floral prints, bright colours, bikinis, beach cover-ups, and the general lack of workplace or non-beachside restaurant appropriateness. Having said all that, I didn't cringe when I saw that Ukrainian designer Anna October (found via NJAL) had named her latest collection 'Resort Collection', simply because it doesn't look like a resort collection, or at least not for the type of resort where you're neither required nor expected to make any moves that would dislodge you from your 'swimsuit'. These are pieces that don't require countless hours spent in the gym to wear, and won't require you to pack them away when the end of that elusive resort season ends. Thank you, Anna, for not insulting my intelligence or my wallet.


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