Friday, April 29, 2011


So why did y'all let me go on about how basically draping has become ho-hum and commonplace when I hadn't yet heard of NYC-based label Verlaine (found via NJAL)? And New York, how can I quit you, when all my new and old favorite labels are coincidentally all based in Manhattan and/or Brooklyn? Sigh. Let's just say that, while I don't give two hoots about the big event happening across the pond (though I did hope the rumour of a vintage Alexander McQueen was based on fact), if I were to choose the attire of a modern-day princess, I would want her wardrobe to consist of as many Verlaine pieces as possible. For, first of all, I would rather see these pieces plastered all over the Internets, magazine covers, and front pages than that blue dress (you know the one). And, the hand-dying, loose weaving, and relaxed draping used in the Verlaine collections, I think, would lend themselves to a much more beautiful process of aging than what monarchism has gone through for the last millenium or so. Or something. Anyway, those fantastic colours (which caught my eye before the draping) in the S/S 11 collection (above) are the result of overdying brushed cotton plaids and other natural fibers such as silk with Japanese shibori techniques (though I admit I don't know what that means), which sounds like a rather romantic (and brilliant) process to me. But even when there is no colour in the A/W Verlaine pieces (below)? Sigh.

In case you're interested, a few Verlaine pieces are available at the incredible San Francisco-based online shop Acrimony, as well as NYC-based Kirna Zabete in NYC, Blake in Chicago, DNA in Saudi Arabia, and Vanitas Stores in Shanghai and Taipei). While some of the prices aren't as high as I would've guessed, my favorite pieces are, of course, the most expensive ones (the Driftnet Circle Skirt and the Linen Biker Vest). Oh, and the Verlaine creative team is currently working on the S/S 12 collection, which will  be presented at NYFW in September. I did just notice a cheap flight into Newark around that time...

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