Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Buyer's market out there" - Templeton

One of the injustices I experienced as a child was being brought to that wonderland that is called Toys 'R' Us and being given $10 in Monopoly money to spend on anything I wanted, while the offspring of my babysitter got actual cash to spend. And since I feel bad about feeling like that was an injustice (and because I'm currently bored out of my skull), I decided to give myself an undisclosed amount of virtual cash to spend on whatever I'd like today. Tomorrow's task will be to pick which of the following three choices I will be most disappointed to never get.

1) Jacket by Tsolo Munkh, $2307. This one would be the least practical of the three, as it's made of polyester and has a very asymmetrical hemline, requiring a layer or two underneath. However, it does have three sets of cuffs, and it's the first commercially available piece I've seen from Tsolo.

2) Tailcoat by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, $3308. Having just watched The King's Speech, this one immediately made me take a second look. However, it is the most expensive of the three, and would be more of a spring jacket, which doesn't really work in an area of the world that has about 10 days of spring.

3) Full-length trench by Junya Watanabe, $1183. So I just said something about spring jackets not really working, but I've chosen this khaki 100% cotton trench coat rather than the black wool version, as this is from one of my most favorite collections ever. And with all that detailing (click on the photos to zoom in), that 50% off price sure seems like a good deal. Looks like I'll need to make up a new task for tomorrow.

(Photos and listings via the adult version of Toys 'R' Us,

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