Monday, April 4, 2011

Fig with a Bellyache

Every once in a while, I come across a designer whose work makes me feel really angry and makes me wish I could push a fast-forward button to go ahead say 25-50 years. With the push for environmental awareness in general, the increased attention towards how animals are truly being treated in human industries in particular, and the desire of labels (and fashion weeks) to ruffle less feathers (at least figuratively speaking), I truly believe that one day leather will not be a prominent material used in fashion (or will at the very least have to be proven to be a bi-product or recycled, and tanned/dyed using only eco-friendly methods), just as fur will not be seen on the runway within the next couple of years. And so when I come upon someone like Canadian-born and London-based designer Todd Lynn, who creates these perfectly tailored goth- and rock star- inspired collections chock-full of pieces I would wear if I could switch out the fabric, I can't help but sigh and think, 'Really? Is all that leather necessary?' And I get upset from finding designers such as Todd Lynn not only because I can't/won't wear the clothes that I want to, but because I can't even post pictures of the clothes that I can't/won't wear, as I try not to feature fashion that I can't get behind. So, Mr. Lynn, how about a green collection next season? Then I could at least have a decently illustrated blog post that includes photos of my favorite pieces, not just the odd non-leather ones I can pick out...

(Photos via, from various seasons)

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