Monday, April 18, 2011


As I've exhibited (what I feel to be) incredible self-control in not buying anything online for over two months (my last purchase being an ArtLab harness that I luckily got on sale), I feel like I've earned the right to treat myself to something to help get the Spring wardrobe started. And though I'm really just waiting for the new mydearthing collection to be completed and posted (rumor is that there may be a dress inspired by little ol' me!), this updated kaftan/maxi t-shirt dress by Babooshka is definitely in the running for claiming my monies. I suspect that I'd only stick to one or two of the styling options and/or wear this lounging around the house in, but I still think that it would be a good choice for a comfy maxi dress. I really like the look of wearing a belt that only cinches in the front of a piece, and I have a feeling that that new ArtLab harness could work well as the belt, as the straps are removable, or could be left hanging to add a little more detail to the dress. Actually the ArtLab Noir Industrial Waist corset/belt could be really interesting with this dress too. Not to mention the ArtLab Couture Pleated Harness... Oh, the dress is available in black or grey (or a less cool striped black and grey). Sweet.

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