Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carlotta Actis Barone

There are so many separate details within this collection by Central St. Martins-educated Italian designer Carlotta Actis Barone that I like, that I feel I must say I like the collection as a whole, even though it would be quite unlikely that I would wear one of her pieces. For instance, the adding of one single layer to transform a unitard into...a bodysuit with some drapey ultra low pants. Or, the top/dress made from some very creative boy scout knots, which instantly draws attention away from even the most extreme case of bedhead. Or, the collared dress comprised solely of collars (you'd need a lot of lipstick to cover all of these). Or, the jacket that must've been inspired simultaneously by Mary Poppins and Office Space. Oh, and the fact that the colour palette is based on the various shades of human skin, and the body stockings (which Carlotta also used in her A/W 11/12 presentation at London Fashion Week) are printed with text advertising slavery (as the theme of the collection is a protest against racism). Actually, I think I would like to wear one of these pieces...

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