Thursday, April 14, 2011

But where is the ambiguity? Over there, in a box.

Since the last time I saw so much wet snow fall in such a short time like today was in New York, I was looking through my photos from my February trip and happened upon three videos that I took. The videos themselves are nothing special, but I rather enjoyed the abrupt pixelated end frame for each video, especially as I can see completely non-NY related things in these coloured boxes. The first one, for instance, reminds me of what my city's river valley looks like in late spring/early summer. Which brings me to a story about Monday, when I took a celebratory walk home from the dentist in honour of having no cavities. It was rather wonderful, as I decided to go through a golf course and the river valley paths rather than the main streets. And it seemed like a mid-spring day warmth- and bird-chirping-wise, but there was still snow everywhere. I arrived at the river just in time to see this massive chunk of ice that was about 1/3 the width of the whole river float downstream super fast, then split into two and neatly fit into some clear spots when it hit the traffic jam of ice around the bridge, nearly scaring to death a few ducks that were in the way. Then on my way across the river, I came upon a Canadian goose (seemingly) guarding a mother goose roosting in the concrete rafters of the bridge, looking down at an egg that had rolled off the ledge and broken onto the walkway. It was rather tragic, and I'm glad I didn't have a camera on me, but it was rather interesting to experience nature in a concrete urban setting. This was followed by experiencing the depressing presence of unintelligent humans in nature, as many of the trees I past on the way out of the river valley were tagged with the unreadable spray paint characteristic of hooliganism. But I digress. Oh river valley in the summer, how I miss you.

The second pixelated photo reminds me of the very colourful residential street in Edward Scissorhands. Well, truth be told, the beginning of Trailer Park Boys sprang to mind first, but then I glanced at one of the various Jack Skellingtons in the apartment, and so now Edward Scissorhands-like it remains.

And the last one, which looks so dark and yet is taken at the exact same location as (and only a couple minutes prior to) the first photo/video, reminds me of that cover of Candy, something to do with Edgar Allan Poe, or Alexander McQueen's F/W 03 collection.

And, while we're on that topic, I dearly want this jacket and this dress. Though I could do without that snow. I have about half a foot of fresh stuff outside my door.

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