Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mary Recruitment Office

Stefanía Borrás' use of colour with fabrics is fantastic. Savage tans, great slabs of black set against aggressive orange. It really makes you want to shout out: 'This is good! This is real!' 

The above was, at first, not intended to be a factual statement, as I was just looking through my file of bookmarked designers to find something to fit some Monty Python into a post (i.e. I just had surgery and needed something to keep my mind off of things). However, I was really quite pleasantly surprised when I clicked on Stefanía's link and found the perfect fit in her S/S 11 collection, especially as I haven't seen anything about this young designer since I last wrote about her glorious grey jersey pieces. And though I might only wear a few of the pieces myself, I love the various details present throughout the collection, such as the pleating, rope accessories, and all the various flowy fabrics (not to mention the barefoot runway models). I particularly like the campaign photos (below), which bring to mind my favorite Amy Grant video, mydearthing's S/S 10 photoshoot, and what might've happened if Libby had never died and had become the resident fashion designer for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. This is good! This is real!

By the way, since we saw her last, Stefanía has set her own online shop up, which currently has some gorgeous silk and jersey pieces from her F/W 10/11 collection available (and on sale!). My credit card is conveniently within reaching distance too...

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