Tuesday, April 20, 2010

mydearthing, S/S 10

Ah, what a perfect day for mydearthing's S/S 10 'Glass' collection to be unveiled. Lauren kindly went to Montauk to model her newest wares this weekend, and these lovely photos (by Tim A. Jones) and the subsequent Etsy listings are the result. I'm sure you'll agree with me that Lauren rather outdid herself this time around, so go ahead and let her know you appreciate it! I recommend the following exercise to prepare for choosing the perfect piece(s) for you: 

First, inhale and look to the left (no, your other left)...

...then exhale and look to the right...

...and now relax.

These delightful pieces are being posted in the mydearthing Etsy shop as we speak, as you can see from my favorites in the sidebar below. I am rather excited about the new colours (or at least new pictures) of the Carly Dress, which has become my go to piece of clothing to throw on for any occasion. And now there's also the Carly Top (below right)! And spring/summer versions of the Way Shrug (below right, worn as scarf with the Carly Top) and the Fold-Up Trench (below left)! And printed Double V tops! Oh yeah, and a whole load of things that I need to get through the summer. Good thing I just got a pay increase, as I have it on good authority that these pieces are certified kick-ass.

Need more mydearthing? Here's Lauren's description of this essential sunny weather collection:

The s/s 2010 Glass Collection is intended to clothe the inner romantic. These are pieces designed to be worn while waiting and longing for your heart's desires - the yearning for which increases the pleasure of acquiring. Each piece is graceful and tender yet memorable. I created soft, versatile silhouettes with delicate detailing such as braids, gathers, curls and knots. Keeping with mydearthing, all garments and accessories are made using organic, surplus, vintage or reclaimed materials.

(Meet me in Montauk.)

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