Thursday, April 29, 2010


If you're thinking you've seen this post before, you're partly right. Notice the emphatic "." though. As in "mono - enough said". Or maybe you didn't notice that this post looks just like this previous one. Nevertheless, I have to do a little bit of repeating, because I have just tried on the coolest dress ever. I read last night that trusty ol' Nokomis got in one size small mono Scarf Dress, so I knew I had to sleepily stumble all the way up the avenue after work to feel what this 100% Tyvek business was all about. I had no hopes of trying it on, as according to the size chart on the monoshop site, I'm a mono medium, bordering on a mono large. However, when I got up close and personal with this creation, it seemed that we were meant to be, as it looked plenty big enough for my curves. And it was nothing short of a positively lovely experience having the dress on for a few minutes. While I think it looks great in the photos from the monoshop, this is definitely a piece that needs to be seen in person. First of all, the dress is so light and airy, that it's like you're wearing a cloud. A tear-proof cloud. A very wearable and travel-able tear-proof cloud. And I didn't notice it before, but that black dot you see in the picture below is a snap, so I could pull on the dress without messing my already wind-blown hair. I was already wearing a white tank, and I thought it looked perfect underneath the dress with the snap undone to leave a v-neckline.

And again, while you can kind of see it in the photos (above and below), I didn't realize what the attached 'scarf' really was. Basically, it's a super long piece of Tyvek sewn into the right-ish side of the back hem, which eventually comes to a point (see below left). I could play with this part for ages. The Tyvek is light enough that you can wrap it around like a scarf and have it stand up all structured-like, as it's quite malleable. My favorite though was to wrap it around my waist and tie it to itself to create a belt. A separate belt over top would look quite smashing with it as well (I'm thinking my ArtLab Clinical White Harness No.1 to keep with the white and snap theme). Wrapping it around in coil formation was fun too, and made me feel like I was wearing a Björk swan dress redux. The dress itself also has a very slight bubble shape to it at the bottom, and is amazingly flattering for a dress made of construction material. This would be the absolute perfect summer wedding dress for someone that does not shy away from the avant garde look. I'd imagine walking down the aisle with the scarf trailing behind like a train, and then wrapped around and secured with a knot or belt or pin for dancing on into the night. Alas, as I cannot have a third wedding, I think I would mostly wear it with the skinny grey jeans I had on today.

So many words for one dress, and yet I feel like I haven't explained it adequately. I'm just so shocked that I loved a white dress so much, as I pretty religiously stay away from white things that aren't layering tank tops. In truth, if this dress was grey, I would likely have bought it on the spot. But I must say, especially with the stark contrast with my noir locks, this dress made me look and feel fantastic, and so I might be changing my tune about white...

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