Thursday, April 22, 2010


Thanks to a stop by Pour Porter's still shiny new shop, I was just reacquainted with Heather Martin's label, mono. Heather's current series is FLIGHT, which is, indeed, "the restoration of lightness & calm". Pieces from this series (with more colours and sizes to come) are available in the gorgeous monoshop, and each item is either handcrafted in the studio or locally produced in Vancouver. I'm awfully tempted to get one of each. Or at least the ethereal Scarf Dress (below), which is made out of layers of Tyvek. Yes, the stuff or 'house wrap' you see in new buildings being constructed. I'm intrigued. 

And, if you're not wanting lightness and calm to be restored just yet, you can get some incredible deals at the super saletime monoshop on Etsy, where you'll find pieces (such as those below) from the previous series. Oh my.

Edit: By the way, if you're checking out an item in the monoshop and you feel like getting 20% off the price, you may want to type in promo code XTRASPECIAL01. Just a suggestion.

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