Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ashi to the rescue

Well, the weekend/my holiday isn't off to a great start so far. First of all, the weather is horrendous, with non-stop howling winds and snow in the forecast. Second, we went to New York, I Love You, which I had been very much looking forward to since seeing the trailer, expecting it to be as good as Paris, Je T'Aime. It was pretty horrible, except for one or two of the 'shorts' (which weren't really shorts at all with the way this one was sloppily put together). That's the second of two movies we've gone to see recently that we mistakenly had high hopes for (the first being Until the Light Takes Us). Sigh. Thirdly, after a day hiatus from the Internets, I saw that suddenly the ads I have in my sidebar that are only supposed to appear to visitors that have reached my site from Googling something were appearing in all their hideous glory to all. While I'll probably just delete them in the near future, they're now at the bottom, where they hopefully won't offend any of you regulars. And fourthly, the house beside my favorite neighbourhood cat just went up for rent, and is over double our budget. I fear we will be suffocated by clothing, books, and bikes before we can afford to move out of our 1-bedroom apartment. 

Ah well. These photos of Saudi designer Mohammed Ashi's F/W 09/10 collection almost make up for all of the above. And by almost, I mean they very much do.

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