Monday, April 26, 2010

Amanda deLeon

I have just been floored by an amazing designer. Her name is Amanda deLeon from Wilmington, North Carolina, and her avant garde designs are literally breath-taking. Her newest collection, entitled 'Armored', features an array of different materials in my favorite colour palette (with just a hint of teal and plum), constructed into various architectural shapes and highlighted with chevron cuts and 'gill' detailing. All in one collection, you can find one size drapey pieces, boxy pieces, bubble hem pieces, and severely tailored pieces with or without exaggerated hips, as well as sleeveless, sleeved, or one-sleeved pieces. I couldn't ask for more. Well, except for asking if the one-of-a-kind/limited pieces can be made in my size. Amanda's biggest fan on Etsy is the tattoo queen Kat Von D herself, so I'm thinking you best get yourself an Amanda deLeon piece while you can! Just leave the Armored Vest (below) for me, please.

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