Thursday, April 8, 2010


I didn't really like the aesthetic of Martina Spetlova's graduate collection the first time around, when I was frantically taking screenshots of the Central St. Martins MA show, and then subsequently sifting through and cropping the plethora of photos. And I still don't like the colours and the fact that, to me, they still look like 'recycled cheerleader uniforms'. However, I might've had a different first impression if I had read Martina's description prior to seeing the designs. With phrases such as "the concept of Lego bricks", "can be unzipped and dismantled by the wearer", "silhouettes are as the Tin Man", and "collapsing and bouncing as the wearer moves", I don't see how I wouldn't be excited to see the pieces that embody such images. Martina has just posted a couple of the pieces up in NJAL's The Shop (here and here), and I'm grateful for the chance to oogle them in their various states (see below). 

I'd definitely be all over these if they were in non-Lego colours, more akin to that dress custom made for Queen Michelle by Dusturbance.

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