Friday, April 16, 2010


I really should dedicate more time to this post, but I was out all day enjoying new job proposals (for my man) and new bikes, followed by some pretty epic folk metal (Eluveitie and Amon Amarth). And, I'm pretty excited about the post I'll be writing up tomorrow/today after I wake up. So, my apologies to Aránzazu Moreno B, Alejandra Salvatore and Sofía Uquillas, who are the fine members of the Madrid-based multidisciplinary project, ANTIATOMS. After stumbling upon their NJAL page which gave a baiting 'about me' description, I simply had to copy and paste that little url into my browser. And their website absolutely blew me away. I immediately latched onto their '0+1=a' project, which is a collection shown in February 2008 at Madrid Fashion Week. The "simple, organic lines, borrowed from classic pattern cutting with sculptural proportions" make each of these pieces, all made of natural fabrics, so perfect and timeless.

The ANTIATOMS site also features an online shop, where you can purchase items from their various projects. I've been quite easily persuaded that the crocheted wool Valvulas necklace, from the '0+1=a' collection, must be mine. It looks totally metal.

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