Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back to the grind

1) If I had this tunic by Rick Owens, I'm sure I would put it on the wrong way every time. On the left is the front, and on the right is the back. Confused? Me too.

2) I kinda wished my childhood writings had been in the sci-fi vein after seeing Gentlemen Broncos. And I wish that I could actually chew, as the surprise star of the film, the ever-present popcorn ball(s), was looking kinda tasty by the end of the film. Not unlike this whatchamacallit by Paula Selby Avellaneda.

3) As I've been experiencing some severe technical difficulties since getting two fillings last Tuesday, I've discovered a new best friend: gazpacho. Tis a seriously brilliant idea, as is this dress by Albertine Tucknott. Pardon, these two dresses by Albertine Tucknott.

4) If you're a reader of Haute Macabre, and/or if you enjoy a good swap or two, sign up for Haute Macabre's Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap. I'm quite looking forward to this, perhaps moreso for the imagined look on my swap mate's face when they see what marvelous things I've sent them. Imagine, you could be the owner of said face!

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