Sunday, April 4, 2010

David Chou

Since seeing that minimal but drapey Rad by Rad Hourani denim jacket, I've been noticing my lack of clean structured pieces. Then today I came across another Canadian designer with an eye for tailored yet drapey unisex pieces. This boiled wool wrap/drape jacket and vest are both by Toronto-based David Chou. Both can be left undone, snapped up on one or both sides to create a cowl and delicious draping, and/or worn with a belt. And both are available in my favorite 'colours', black or charcoal. I'd love to style them with my ArtLab Clinical White Harness No.1 (which is actually the only 'belt' that I own). Hmm...I have been casually looking for a vest, but this (partially lined) jacket would be a perfect - and much more versatile - substitute for the Rad jacket which I cannot afford...

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