Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Günseli Türkay

I've been running on 3-4 hours of sleep intervals the past few days here, so please forgive me if I am completely incoherent. But, at the risk of assailing your brain with horrendous grammar, I simply had to share these photos with you. These are from Turkish designer Günseli Türkay's newly launched brand of the same name. Günseli has been in the fashion industry for a while, working for the past few years as a fashion designer and brand consultant for larger brands such as Zara and Topshop. Her own brand combines fashion and art, transferring paintings of contemporary artists to the fabrics used in her pieces. That, combined with the gladiator theme of these dresses (who said the gladiator look was so last year?!), makes me a very enthusiastic fan. If you don't happen to be around Istanbul, Lebanon, or London, check out NJAL's The Shop to order one for yourself. Perhaps I could sell a bike to get the Joyce or the Amy for myself...

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