Sunday, April 4, 2010

Russian Fashion Week

Why don't I know anything about Russian designers? These images are from my two new favorite F/W 10/11 collections, shown at the Russian Fashion Week going on right now in Moscow. These aren't even necessarily the best images. I could only get screen prints of the photos, so I only took ones that I could get full pieces in, more or less. Make sure you go here to see more.

At the top we have photos from Egor Zaitsev's F/W 10/11 show. These gorgeous theatrical pieces remind me of something in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, just not sure what. Love the use of huge buttons to create loops and folds and whatnot.

And above we have (many) photos from Vassa's F/W 10/11 show. I'm rather irked by the screen-shot-only-ness for these photos, as you really need to see the full length photos. I believe Vassa is more well-known, particularly in New York and London, but this is the first I've heard of her. I could definitely give up my drapey asymmetrical ways for these cleaner Yohji-ish lines. Below is my absolute favorite look, reminiscent of Damir Doma, and deserving of three whole screenshots. Sigh.

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