Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anja Mlakar

You may not remember this designer's graduate collection (a.k.a. the 'Blue Tube' or 'Oops, I got trapped in those rings, maybe I shouldn't become a street performer, but good thing I can fit this dress over top' collection) from the Central Saint Martins presentation in February 2010 (because I didn't include her in my review)...

...but I have to say that Slovakian-born Anja Mlakar is becoming more memorable with her previous two collections (hence why they've both been on the runway at London Fashion Week). Sure, those rings are still prevalent, but at least Anja no longer feels the need to hide them or to include them in every single piece. Take this dress from the A/W 11/12 collection:

Makes me want to dance an Irish jig. I've always thought that the basket-weaving thing should be incorporated into more wardrobes (and I have an unfinished woven t-shirt project to prove it). Anyway, as the A/W 11/12 bi-directional weaving is an obvious evolution of her S/S 11 collection's uni-directional weaving (below), I can't wait to see Anja develop a tri-directional weaving technique. Though it better not be with those rings.

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