Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lukasz Stachowicz

In preparation for Polish Fashion Week, let us look at the wonderful works of a recent fashion grad from the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design by the name of Lukasz Stachowicz. This is actually Lukasz's graduate collection, entitled 'Lamperia', which garnered the award for best collection at this month's Cracow Fashion Awards. With sweaters that remind me of those hanging in my grandpa's closet, a colour palette that brings to mind that glorious smell of old books, and unexpected details in the jackets and pants, this old-timey collection seems to me a must-have for that fantasy tour of the world which I will get started on as soon as I can get a lovely set of luggage. Sigh. Until that happens, I will set my sights on the pleated jacket below, and those spectacular pants (on him, bottom). Why is it that the Polish designers make the best pants?

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