Friday, April 15, 2011

Tanne Vinter

Thanks to mydearthing (and American Apparel, to a much smaller extent), I've really been digging low armholes on tank tops and sleeveless dresses (the more extreme of which, as informed by OutsaPop, were known in the Middle Ages as 'hell's windows'). So the first moment I saw the above piece, introducing me to the work of Danish designer Tanne Vinter, I was hooked. Even moreso when I saw that Tanne was a finalist at Designers' Nest at this past Copenhagen Fashion Week (the website of which is like a candy shop to me), and about 100X more than that when I saw that she interned for Barbara Í Gongini as a design assistant in developing the bÍg S/S 11 collection. Might I add that this talented lady is only 23 and just graduated last year with a BA in fashion? As for her own work, Tanne brings that dropped/open side seam detail from the above dress into the rest of the collection, as well as a lovely juxtaposition of different textures of black, making me want to add every single piece to my wardrobe. In short, Tanne is my newest favorite designer and a definite one to watch.

After seeing various shots of this coat, I think it needs to go in My Top 3 Want List. So it shall. Is it unhealthy that all of My Top 3 are black coats/jackets?

(Runway photos via Copenhagen Fashion Week)

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