Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conquest of the Pear

1) Isn't it odd that a hot fall day that seems to say in the air "no, don't worry, it's still summer" is what dries out all the fallen leaves and makes it say on the ground "crunch, (it's fall), crunch"?

2) I'm nearly finished the book I picked up at Strand on Broadway, Conquest of the Useless, by one of the utmost geniuses of our time, film director Werner Herzog. Yesterday I was sure that I read one passage in which Herzog says that after finishing a book (while filming Fitzcarraldo in the Amazon jungle), he felt so lonely that he buried the book far in the jungle. I can't seem to find that quote now, which makes me fear that I will feel just as lonely when I finish this brilliant book. Especially if my man is still sick with the dreaded flu.

3) I love this man.

4) I just had the most delicious organic pear.

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