Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Missing Piece(s)

This is Part Deux of the new mydearthing collection, for your viewing and wardrobe completing pleasure. I knew these new mydearthing Husband Tanks (above) were coming because I saw them when they were just yay high, hanging from the shower curtain rod and various other hanging places... These tops are not only very lovely (even when dripping wet), but are also one of a kind AND some feature hand printed patterns from nifty vintage textile blocks that like to keep a certain piano company. If I'm not making any sense, just know this: While the plum mushroom pleated silk chiffon one (top left) is particularly perfect when worn with black hair and black glasses, I'm sure you will love whichever one you pick. 

If you think it's a tad weird buying a thin tank when it's almost winter (though if you're here, I'm going to go ahead and assume you've been introduced to the wonderful world of layering), I'd definitely suggest getting one of the new mydearthing twisted cowl/necklace hybrids. I have a lot of cowls which tend to not get worn, as I don't realize how cold my neck is until I've done my hair and makeup, and both would be ruined if I tugged on a cowl at that stage in the game. But with this, you get to get ready without overheating and getting makeup on your cowl AND you get to be warm and look fabulous when you are...done getting ready. Genius. (I believe my particular one is a one of a kind colour combo, so, sorry, you'll have to pick your own colour on this one.)

And, speaking of layering, these mydearthing wool asymmetrical vests (in crimson, grey, and black) are awesome. Just when I thought I knew what I was going to order...

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