Saturday, October 2, 2010


While I was out - finally recovered and having a good time with drinks with work friends, pizza that didn't give me food poisoning, one of the funniest/dumbest movies I've seen in a long time (Fubar II - it's filmed in my hometown and province), my introduction to Settlers of Catan (not my thing, I'm afraid), and a good looooong sleep - my top 3 big name designers were busy showing their S/S 11 collections in Paris. First up was Yohji Yamamoto, whose collection is quite likely going to be my favorite of the season. While he did go for some psychedelic prints (which I've ignored here) that fit in with the colour, colour, colour theme of many other S/S 11 collections, his main palette of black tugs at my heartstrings. Especially because it's full of long black dresses and skirts that are paired with military boots (...or flip flops). This is my look. Pairing slightly dressier black dress with my extra high Converse monochrome shoes, with leggings when it's colder. Love it.

Then came my good old friend, Vivienne Westwood. This collection, entitled "The Only One" once again had the message of saving the planet with recycled materials and designs. But I'm still left with the question: When will Dame Westwood make vegan bondage or pirate boots?!! Also, I always associated plaid with fall, but either way I don't have enough/any. Has anyone else had the idea of wearing two pairs of pants before? If it's good enough for Viv, it's good enough for me...

And this morning, Paris saw the new offerings of Junya Watanabe, who went for the nautical theme. I'm really not a big fan of horizontal stripes and of nautical anything really (apart from, you know, the ocean). But, while the first photo I saw of Junya's sheer trench coat had me intrigued, by the end of the collection I feel like I need a sheer trench coat. If I muster enough courage to go into IF again (if I go back to NY in February), I think I'll need to try one on.

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