Saturday, October 23, 2010

Strength Through Wounding

Well, I just went and made myself feel silly. I'm supposed to be kitty-sitting right now, but I still needed a few hours to myself to fully recuperate from yesterday. And so, leaving the kitty in my man's capable hands, I decided to dress myself up and go to the farmer's market and to the bookstore to pick up the new issue of POP was out and wanted to get that. However, I had forgotten who was on the cover of this issue, and thus I recoiled slightly at the sight of it. Not that I have anything against the cover person (being a certain Ms. Spears), I just never thought I'd see the day when I'd buy a magazine (or anything, for that matter) with her on it. Sigh. The level of silliness was perhaps increased by the fact that I picked up a second magazine, being AnOther, simply because it has Björk on the cover (and because I'm a sucker for publications with nice heavy paper). If I had been the cashier that checked me out, I'm pretty sure my head would've exploded from seeing these two covers together.

At any rate, at least I found a new favorite fall outfit for this excursion. Or I should say fall/winter outfit. You can practically see snow in the air, it just has to find the courage to materialize and show up on the ground. So, said outfit was my ArtLab jacket (layered over my marriage day hoodie), my (burgundy) Mandula dress (layered over a tee) worn as a top with the bottom tie as an empire waistline, my Wolfgang Jarnach pants (which have the most unique and expertly crafted seams that I have ever seen on a pair of pants - see below), and, of course, my trusty monochrome Chucks. I really think I did the whole New York trip wrong. I should've known that I thrive in colder weather that not only allows for but requires tons of layers. Next time.

And on a related note (related in my head anyway, as my Wolfgang Jarnach pants remind me of another pair of skinny-ish navy pants I used to wear...), it's been a whole decade since meeting my man and since first hearing AFI (my man being responsible for the latter, pretty much as soon as I had met him). So here's a video from the first AFI show I ever attended, which changed my world as I knew it. 

The show was in March by the way, and not close to Halloween, as you might think from the jack-o'-lanterns. Just like you might think my deck is where pumpkins go to die. Methinks we carved them a wee bit too early this year, though the frost/snow goblins would've gotten them in the end anyway. Sigh.

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