Monday, October 4, 2010

Ravishing Knees

So, as I previously mentioned, I barely bought anything in NY, besides many a bagel and a fabulous pair of Ravishing Mad jeans. I knew that the International Playground store would be a good stop anyway on my shopping day (yeah, I really only planned one), but the reason I wanted to go there was to find out if Anna was really right that her curved waistband jeans might be too tight for me. I mean, I had walked off a few pounds already by that point, so it couldn't hurt to try, right? Good thing Virginia pointed me towards some Ravishing Mad jeans meant for men. As far as I know, Anna hasn't tried marketing the smaller sizes of the Marv jeans (above left; please forgive the poor quality screen shot) towards women looking for a different high waisted skinny jean, but she should! As Virginia said, the tighter the better. I got a size 30 in these in a fantastic blue wash (4th one down in the colour pile, below right), and they're perfect. I would still like to get a pair of Anna's big pocket jeans (below left), which you may remember is what got me hooked on Ravishing Mad nearly a year ago, but I might also need a pair of the new S/S 11 inseam jeans (above right)...

Anyway, the point of this post, if you find it needs one, is that the Marv jeans have knee pleats (can you see them?). And though this isn't something I was looking for directly, especially as I've found in the past that knee pleats look ridiculous in pants and are only needed in work-/gardening-related clothing, my mind is now open to such stitch work (and my knees also appreciate the extra room). Therefore, since buying my first pair of Ravishing Mads, my eye has been zeroing in on knee details, and so these new A/W 10/11 'Jeanne d'Arc' pieces from Hungarian designer Dóra Mojzes have obviously got me going. 

I think they would look rather smashing on Queen Michelle, though I think it would be best to experience them in person, so I could stare at the knees as their wearer walks. I'd even be willing to wear them myself, though I'd have to walk with a friend just so I don't run into any light posts or the like whilst staring down. I'd also be more than willing to wear this cardigan, because it's, well, perfect. 

By the way, if you're wondering if you've heard Dóra's name before, perhaps her fantastic origami-inspired graduate collection rings a bell?


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