Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Carrots are good for you

And speaking of Finnish clothing (although I'm certain this is of the highest quality), I'm rather excited that some of Maria Matintytär Maattola's work will be available online very very soon, including those wondrous 'carrot' pants of Jaana's (similar brown ones pictured above). While I'm waiting though, I'll be oogling these gorgeous high-waisted, drapey pocket, carrot-ish plaid pants and jeans by Swedish Anna Österlund's Ravishing Mad label. I'm pretty sure these are the most perfect jeans ever, as they combine the curved waistband of my dream pair of Diesel jeans, the skinny legs of my Buffalo jeans, the drapey pockets of Georgy Baratashvili's pants, and Maria's carrot-shaped pocket pants. I'd buy those jeans in a second if they were available, and perhaps in a different wash. I wouldn't be tucking my shirt into the jeans though - my high-waisted pants are for coverage and comfort, not...high-waistedness.

P.S. Check out more of Ravishing Mad here.

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