Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boots and capes

If I hadn't just ordered myself a pair of Toms Vegan Wrap Boots (yes, I had to cave and pay regular price, since they suddenly weren't available after ordering them off Amazon), I would be quite tempted to buy these cuties. These are by 80%20 and are 100% wool upper, canvas lining and insole, and rubber crepe sole. Ooo, and military gold buttons. They're also available in black on Sigh.

In other shopping news, that glorious Gemma Degara caped top that was on Pixie Market is now available in black or blue in the Etsy shop. Instead of being a size small, the description on Etsy says it's size 'U', or universal. Does that mean it would fit me?

Edit: I am told by the lovely Cristina that the Gemma Degara top is oversized and measures 50 cm shoulder to shoulder, so it's more of a size medium.

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