Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mano Cornuta

I just received an email from Robin Adams' lovely Brooklyn-based jewelry company called Bittersweets NY, whose aim "is making something exquisite out of the everyday objects and designs that are taken for granted. Why reinvent the wheel?" Now, you all know that I am not a jewelry person, unless it's made of textiles (with the exception of my wedding ring of course - and there are some lovely Bittersweets wedding/engagement ring options if you're in the market). And I am also not, I repeat, NOT a fan of all the vampire mania going on as of late. Oh, and maggots make me squeamish. These cabinet handles from the 'housewares' category, however, caught my eye on the Bittersweets website, as I am a metal girl at heart. I blame it on my man. I think I shall go watch Metal: A Headbanger's Journey now.

Ooo, and I also love the 10ft long pearl Rapunzel Necklace, possibly because of the convertible/layering elements, and because I'm still thinking about Coco avant Chanel...

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