Thursday, November 5, 2009

complexgeometries, S/S 10 (at last)

I had a feeling that I would soon be rewarded with images of complexgeometries' S/S 10 collection, but only if I clicked on my cg bookmark at least once a day. And today I was indeed rewarded. But please, do share the spoils with me.

I will say that I think I love the current A/W 09 collection more, although I'm biased since that is the first cg collection I have bought pieces from. Also, I had said the same of the S/S 09 collection in comparison to the A/W 09 collection until I saw the photos and up close details in the online shop, so I shall wait to pass my final judgement. And what I see is gorgeous nonetheless, so I'm sure my final opinions shall be quite in the favour of this new collection (although possibly not in regards to the metallic pieces that I have avoided in this post). Sigh.

Tuesday Edit: Here's some more info on the collection, via complexgeometries' Facebook page:

The spring summer 2010 collection from complexgeometries is inspired by the idea of “perpetual leisure”. Without attempting to find a definitive answer, the question is posed “could there be a future where leisure is eternal?”

Shapes are loose and easy, evoking images of the leisure cultures of history. Beach pajamas, retirement communities and clinical attire all inspire the simple, versatile shapes that make up the collection. Additionally, certain styles were conceived as though they were to be made entirely automatically, in a future where all people are perpetually at leisure and machines do all the work.

Fabrics are comfortable. Cotton t-shirts, linen jeans and silk jumpsuits. Metallic finishes contrast casual unisex shapes. Sheer fabrics play with light and encourage layering.

This collection also provides an introduction to the “/” series of collaborations:

complexgeometries/harakiri, a jewelry line comprised mostly of sterling silver, alone or mixed with elements of leather, quartz and onyx. Made in collaboration with the artisan jewelery line Harakiri, the movement and simplicity of the pieces reflect the essence of the complexgeometries collection.

complexgeometries/Osei-Duro, a multi-functional style designed collaboratively with Osei-Duro. This duo of designers works with women's work co-ops in Ghana, aiming create a self sufficient and sustainable future for the women involved by helping to develop their skills and businesses. Made from traditional local textiles, the resulting 'UltraJacket', is a versatile article that can be worn as a jacket, dress or even shorts.

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