Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paula Cheng

Are you ready for this?

I read Paula Cheng's name yesterday when I read Bobbin Talk's post on the amazing Louis Vitton/Marc Jacobs reconstructed dress by Paula and fellow Parsons student, Shiemi Lim. However, it's a good thing that OutsaPop not only titled today's post "One to Watch", but backed up this claim with pictures. And a visit to Paula's website rewarded me with some more amazing images, which I will now share with you. That Parsons school sure cranks out the geniuses. Are you seeing all those ruffles and that style of pant that I've been after (above)?!! And look below!

And, this last one sure looks like the jacket I've been pining after since seeing Sigur Rós in Montreal. Sigh.

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