Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bare Necessities

My 3 new favorite wardrobe staples:

1) Babooshka Faux Leather Paneled Half and Half High Waist Leggings, a.k.a. my 2nd pair of leggings ever. By the way, they're now 25% off in the Etsy shop!

2) mydearthing Fingerful Warmers. The dip dyed ombre colours are so pretty. The best accessory for the new winter snow which greeted me this morning!

3) And, again from mydearthing (can you tell I just got my first ever package from Lauren?), The Double V Shirt. I got one in black, and I'm going to be wearing this quite a lot. It's ever so soft and just plain lovely. Great take on a basic.

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