Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashion for the tired

What I learned this week: Working 8am - 4pm somehow makes me incredibly tired, and pushes my posting to the back burner. You'd think working 6am - 2pm or 6pm - 2am would be worse, but tis not the case with me. Hmm...Anyhow, here are three of my recent favorites on Etsy.

1) Wool pullover waist coat with mock cummerbund by Russell T Miller. I'm having a hard time being okay with the Christmas present(s) I've bought my man. I know this one wouldn't be a good pick for him, unless we moved to Amsterdam or somewhere. But, nevertheless, I think this piece is so sharp.

2) Charcoal Dark Gray Knitted Cowl with long Fringe by label of hope. I have tons and tons of tops from Hope to get me through the winter months, and I love that she's broken into the knitting world too.

3) Victorian Lady Bridal Coat by Bonzie. I can't count the number of times I've wished I could have another wedding just because of Bonzie bridal pieces. This lovely number can be made in a variety of colours though, so I'm quite tempted to order one up just because every Bonzie piece is spectacular. And no one has fulfilled my want of a custom glam coat yet. Sigh.

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