Sunday, October 24, 2010

If you want to destroy my sweater...

The one thing I wanted to find while in New York was the perfect cardigan. I do have an almost perfect cardigan, but it stretches out after the first wear, meaning that I have to wait another two weeks for the next laundry day to have it almost perfect again. One of the things I enjoy about it is the raw edges. But not just because I like deconstructed fashion. For this cardigan, my enjoyment of its unravelling is honestly because I bought it (in a moment of cardigan neediness) at a store that I absolutely loathe (and have never bought anything from since), and so I take pleasure in the fact that, with every wear, I'm slowly giving it the death it deserves. Anyway, since buying it about 5 years ago (it has been a very very slow death), I have felt the moral obligation to get a replacement for it, and, as I did not find such in New York, I'm still on the hunt now. 

I really don't understand why it's so difficult to find, as it's a pretty basic piece of clothing. In the span of two days, I have found three different cardigans that would all be perfect...if only. Two of them are too expensive (i.e. the gorgeous Mandula one on the left, and the Vivienne Westwood Man one in the centre), and one of them is likely too big (the Elroy one on the right). I may just go with the too big one though, as it's affordable, comes from a sustainable Canadian label, and has big drapey pockets. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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