Saturday, October 9, 2010

And warm woolen mittens...

After a really rough start to the fall season, October is turning out to be quite pleasantly warm. However, the weather can turn on you in a second, and so I'm making sure my scarves and armwarmers are prepped and ready to head out the door. I wish this rope scarf from LuLu & Loie, the makers of the chunkiest scarves ever, was by my door. It's totally epic. But it does come from Brooklyn, so that goes without saying, really.

I also just saw this new CareWear necklace (handmade by my sister) whilst at (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner. It's pretty sweet. She's stocked her shop up with a few new goodies, including this convertible hat/cowl. Though I don't want to distract you from lovely knitted goods, I'd like to also direct your attention to that white and black painting in the background. It's by me. That's my old bedroom. I wish I could cut that section of the wall out and hang it in my apartment. Because, though it's not from Brooklyn, it is pretty epic.

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